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Watch So Young 2: Never Gone

Watch So Young 2: Never Gone 123Movies Free

Starring Kris Wu and Liu Yifei and based on a novel by XinYiwu, is the much anticipated sequel to hugely popular movie, So Young. The story started in high school. Su Yunjin (Liu Yifei) was a gentle and quiet student, while Cheng Zheng (Kris Wu) was the total opposite. He fell in love with her and started to pursue her until they sat in college, even when they studied in a different university. After a while they finally started dating. However, the difference in their family background and personalities caused them to part way with each other. After their separation, Yun Jin discovered that she was pregnant with Cheng Zheng’s baby but later lost the child. Because of the miscarriage she was diagnosed that she could no longer be pregnant. Being a stubborn girl she was, she did not tell Cheng Zheng about the news. A few years later, Yun Jin established a successful career and Cheng Zheng reappeared in her life.

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